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Upcoming Exhibition from 2012 NESOP Grad Eileen Clynes

Upcoming Exhibition from 2012 NESOP Grad Eileen Clynes

Exhibit opening at the Extension Gallery, Saturday June 16th from 8:00-11:00 PM.

‘Exceptional Holiness’ is a solo exhibition of photo collage work by recent New England School Of Photography graduate Eileen Clynes. The work is a modern take on traditional Roman Catholic Saint cards, drawing inspiration from tchotchke style religious art such as hologram last suppers and light-up Virgin Marys.

Alongside the collection of 17 large size photo prints will be assorted styles of knick-knacks including prayer candles, varnished wooden clocks and plaques, and hologram cards bearing these original photo collages.

This opening is a 21+event and Pabst Blue Ribbon and Refuge Cafe will be providing refreshments for the evening. The exhibition runs through July 16th at the Extension Gallery at Orchard Skateshop, 156 Harvard Ave, Allston, MA.


Creative Imaging Arts Work

Hello Everyone!

Here are some images from our second year Creative Imaging Arts students.

© Stephanie Larsen


© Eileen Clynes

Creating Digital Presentations

Term 1 final projects, created in Final Cut, integrate still photographs with audio, text and video.  This is Term 1, so it’s just the start of what our students are doing with multimedia.  Here are a few staff picks to check out:

Stephanie Larsen

Eileen Clynes – http://youtu.be/DTIS-iZm1cU

Libby Gowen – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbL6wbpa3LE

Be on the lookout for more to come!