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Jerry Reed: Paper Work

Jerry Reed: Paper Work

Exhibition runs: January 7, 2013 – February 22, 2013
Opening Reception: Wednesday, January 16 from 6:00pm-8:00pm

Nationally exhibited artist Jerry Reed presents selected works of minimal black and white photography positing questions on the relationship between performance and the document.

Using simple tools of paper and studio lighting, Reed composes meditative visual haiku, elevating a simple line quality reminiscent of abstract expression masters. The elegance of his work derives from its frank relationship to nature, structure and design itself.

Meet the artist at the Opening Reception on Wednesday, January 16 from 6pm – 8pm!

The Garner Center is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, and on Saturdays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.  The gallery is located at 537 Commonwealth Avenue in Boston on the second floor of the New England School of Photography.


Amy Theiss Giese: Concealed at first at last I appear

New work is up in the gallery!

This week opened Amy Theiss Giese’s exhibition of new site specific work.  Giese uses a unique process of directly recording light onto black and white photographic paper to make large scale installation environments.  The opening was Wednesday evening, and she will be giving an artist talk next Thursday, Dec 8th at 6pm in the gallery.  Here are some detail views of the work:



Gallery Director, Erin Carey writes:

Amy Theiss Giese’s skiagrams (shadow drawings) investigate how the most basic photographic method, light recorded onto paper, can reveal overlooked interior moments. Embedded in each drawing is an abstracted compression of an experience: The weather, the hand of the artist and the interior space of the room itself. Reminencent of Fox Talbot’s initial photographic explorations, these singular images compel vital questions.

About the Artist: Giese recently completed an M.F.A in photography from Parson School of Design with honors in 2009. She received her B.A. from Amherst College, majoring in Fine Arts, and is also a graduate of The New England School of Photography. Her work has been included in numerous exhibitions both nationally and internationally including the Photographic Resource Center in Boston, the Visual Arts Center of NJ, Arnold & Sheila Aronson Gallery in NYC, the Sydney College of the Arts galleries and Real Art Ways in Hartford, CT.

To learn more about Amy, please visit her website at:


Old U.S. Army Trucks and Commuters

Commuter 1, Tony Donovan

Tony Donovan’s Ardoyne, Belfast, Ireland exhibition at NESOP Garner Center for Photographic Exhibitions had been a great start in the year for his photography. Since the show, he had two prints from his “US Army Truck” body of work on display for the Shoreline Arts Alliance Images 2010 show in Guilford, Connecticut. Within the following months, 3 of his prints were exhibited in the Exposures 2010 exhibition at the West Hartford Art League in West Hartford, Connecticut. The prints that were selected for the Exposures 2010 are show within this post.

Star Set 1, Tony Donovan

Star Set 2, Tony Donovan

In addition, Tony Donovan received a grant from the Middletown Commission on the Arts, in Middletown, Connecticut to photograph for “The 2010 Middletown Hoopfest.” Congratulations to Tony Donovan on his success! Please visit his website for more of Tony Donovan’s photographs.

Eva Timothy: Lost in Learning The Art of Discovery

Eva Koleva Timothy
Lost in Learning: The Art of Discovery
February 15th, 2010 – March 19th, 2010

Eva Timothy, Sun, Earth, & Moon

Eva Timothy, The Man Behind The Mona Lisa

Bulgarian born, Eva Koleva Timothy, provides us with an extraordinary glimpse into the world of historical fine art photography in her traveling exhibit “Lost in Learning: The Art of Discovery”.

From a young age Eva Koleva Timothy aspired to come and study in the U.S., but under the strict controls of Communism, such a dream was nearly impossible.  However, when the Communism collapsed, Eva danced and shouted at the top of her lungs in Sofia’s main square. For her, the freshly fallen wall meant that an opportunity to realize her childhood dream of coming to study in the U.S. It is then no surprise that Eva’s work draws largely from her European roots or that the empowering nature of education figures prominently as a theme in her work.

Inspired by the stories of the great explorers, scientists and artists who charted the course of Western civilization Eva has depicted Galileo, Columbus, Da Vinci and various other household names. However, her work goes much further than a simple examination of what these people did, digging deeply into the creative passions which inspired the heroes of an age. Combining uncommon angles with an enigmatic touch of sfumato, “Lost in Learning: The Art of Discovery” transforms otherwise familiar portraits and artifacts into vivid narratives, rich with emotion and leaving you wanting to know more.

Artist Information: Eva Koleva Timothy is a Media/Communications graduate with a B.A. from the University of Utah and a graduate of the Oxford School of Photography holding a Licentiate Certification from the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain.

Her work is often described as “Focusing Art” for its propensity to lead viewers to consider life more acutely and for its possibilities. Eva has exhibited throughout Old and New England and her images have been spotlighted in such prestigious publications as the Boston Globe, The Oxford Times and Best of Photography Annual. Many of those same images have been awarded with accolades including Best in Show in the 2005 UK CACC slide competition. You can learn more about Eva and her work at www.illumea.com.

Tony Donovan: Ardoyne, Belfast, Ireland

Tony Donovan
Ardoyne, Belfast, Ireland
November 16th, 2009 – January 8th, 2010

Tony Donovan, Irish Girl

Tony Donovan, Informers Beware

Tony Donova, Father and Son

More images are available through his website; http://www.connecticutweddingphotographer.com

Jed Hickson: Delirious Affirmations

Jed Hickson
Delirious Affirmations
October 5th, 2009 – November 13th, 2009

Jed Hickson, Old Friends

Jed Hickson, Freds Window

Delirious Affirmations is a retrospective exhibit covering a photographic career that spans the last 35 years.  Hickson displays, in 16×20 silver gelatin prints, his fascination with his world and the beauty he finds in ordinary circumstances: the wind moving in the trees, an unused machine, the minutia of a lifetime gathered in a printer’s type drawer, tree bark, and weeds on the ground.  He also collects the markers of a disappearing world as he works to preserve a communal memory.  The images are displayed with poetry authored by the artist, including a poem exploring the Great Frappe Theory of Language.