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Alumni Profile: Dave White ’06

After 6 years of working for Hasbro Inc. as a photographer, 2006 alum Dave White recently left his job to open his own studio in Rhode Island, Studio DTW.

Studio DTW is a full service photography and digital imaging studio that specializes in creating dynamic images for use in multiple advertising and promotional applications. Their clients are a diverse group of businesses and individuals, from varied backgrounds and with different needs, who recognize the importance of compelling imagery to tell their story and drive their business.

“I am about to launch a new and exciting product that combines the world of photography with 3D printing.  The brand is called TOPOGRAFICS™, they are 3D-printed files that have been converted from traditional photographs. I will be presenting my prints to the public for the very first time at the PDN PhotoPlus Expo on October 24-26th in New York City.”

ImageClick image to enlarge.


Introducing the NESOP Alumni Portal

portalpicNESOP proudly announces the launch of our new Alumni Portal. Alumni can access the portal through the NESOP website under the Alumni menu navigation item from the home page, or, simply go here.

The alumni portal is an easy way to access job leads at any time, update your personal information and stay connected with fellow alumni and 2nd year students.  Alums are encouraged to take a few minutes to set up/request an account, your account request will then be submitted for approval. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and will be ready to log-in and enjoy all the new features of the portal!

Things to Note:

Job Leads: As of  July 11th, job leads will no longer be emailed out to alumni database, all job leads will now be accessible through the portal and are available 24/7. They are posted in real time, so check back as often as you like.

Calls for Entry will also be posted and accessible via the portal. If you have a Call for Entry that you want to post to the portal for your fellow alums and current NESOP students, there are options for you to do so.

2nd Year Students: Your access to the portal is limited until you graduate. As a student, you will have access to job leads and Calls for Entry only. When you graduate, you will have access to the full Alumni Portal.

Class of ’13 Commencement Address: Tara Morris ’07

2007 NESOP graduate Tara Morris was selected as the 2013 Commencement Speaker and recipient of this year’s Alumni Achievement Award.

In her address to the Class of 2013, Tara, co-owner of Hitched Studios (voted ‘Best of Boston‘ for Wedding Photography in 2011,) shares her post-graduate experiences and encourages students to celebrate their strengths.

“There is no better life than the life of a successful artist – you are at that door, and it is in your hands.”

Video by Long Haul Films.

Caleb Cole: Other People’s Clothes

Caleb Cole: Other People's Clothes

NESOP instructor and ’08 alum, Caleb Cole, has published a monograph of his series, Other People’s Clothes. In a limited edition of 250 copies, this hardcover book has 59 images (some never before exhibited), 146 pages, an introduction and interview by Jade Sylvan and design by Robyn Giragosian.

“The images in Other People’s Clothes are a product of my exploration of private moments of expectation, a visual expression of my experiences stepping into the shoes of the types of people I see on a daily basis.”

You can meet the artist and purchase Other People’s Clothes at his upcoming book release and signing on Friday, March 22nd, 6-8pm at Gallery Kayafas, or you can view the series and purchase this book on his website.

Alumni Profile: Karen Sparacio, 98

Alumni Profile: Karen Sparacio, 98

Founding Director of Project Have Hope, 1998 NESOP alum Karen Sparacio was recently featured in Be A Social Entrepreneur for her work with women in the Acholi Quarter of Uganda. By facilitating the sale of their beautiful, handmade paper bead jewelry, these women are able to earn money to feed their families, send their children to school, and look forward to a richer future.

“After a 10-year career in photojournalism, I’ve taken a break from daily assignment work to start a non-profit in Uganda and focus on an in-depth documentary project photographing in Uganda’s Acholi Quarter. As a photojournalist, my role was to be a passive observer, documenting life. As the founder of Project Have Hope, I have become an active participant in creating change. Project Have Hope seeks to empower a group of Acholi women to take charge of their future by providing them with the education and means to create sustainable economic solutions.”

Click here to read the full article and learn more about her inspirational mission.

Alumni Profile: Scott Achs, 2011

Alumni Profile: Scott Achs, 2011

’11 NESOP Grad Scott Achs was recently the featured artist for ‘Viewfinder’, an ongoing series that appears on the Official Blog of the Impossible Project.

“I usually think of myself as a contrarian, but from time to time, for the sake of inspiration, I find it important to experience a cliche. With this in mind, I put on my mid-October tourist hat, and along with my POLAROID ONE 600 and several packs of PX 680 Color Shade film I took to the road.”

To read more, please click here.
To see more of Scott’s work, please visit his blog: http://blog.scottachs.com

NESOP Grad Katie Kaizer Published in N Magazine

2011 NESOP Grad Katie Kaizer Published in N Magazine, June

2011 NESOP alum Katie Kaizer recently had her photos published in two articles appearing in N Magazine’s June 2012 Issue, Nantucket, MA.

“Katie spent the month of March in Uganda, volunteering her photography to small organizations that are dramatically changing the lives of women and children who have been devastated by decades of violence, disease, and poverty. “I was trying to give these women a platform, a way to tell their story… they were so happy,” she says, holding back tears.”

Africa Through an Islander’s Eyes: http://www.n-magazine.com/arts-entertainment/africa-through-an-islanders-eyes/
Dames of the Dump: http://www.n-magazine.com/arts-entertainment/dames-of-the-dump/

’11 Alum Brenda Bancel Teaches Take 5’s Inaugural Photography Program

2011 graduate, Brenda Bancel spent the last year teaching photography to middle school students from Dorchester’s Epiphany School as part of the Take 5 program. These students will have their work exhibited at the PRC from May 22nd – 26th. Come out and support these very talented, young photographers!  Click here for more information: http://conta.cc/K1CAQx


“I chose to work with the Epiphany School because I have been very moved by their work with kids in the Boston area. Their efforts are tireless. Their board and their teachers are unrivaled. They have work to do and they do it. These kids come from difficult circumstances and almost all have recently witnessed violence. I’m so proud of the Take 5 kids. They opened themselves up to me through their lenses. They became more self-aware through journal writing and photography exercises on self-expression. And in the process it was these kids who taught me a lot.” – Brenda Bancel

Ben Gebo ’09 Website Relaunch!

Got a message from recent alum, Ben Gebo who wanted to throw some updates our way….

He recently went on a road trip, and images from that experience are on his new website under the personal section, as well as tons of great work for his numerous clients.  Make sure you check out his new site by clicking HERE, and as a nifty preview, here’s a shot from his road trip:

Aaron Joel Santos ’07, Reporting from Vietnam

Got a message from Aaron recently and he sent along a few images from a recent project that he got to do.  He writes, “I’m still living and working in Vietnam. I’ve done several travel stories and commercial gigs recently, including a fashion shoot for Sula Clothing, a London-based designer who photographed her new winter collection with me in the mountains of northern Vietnam.”  It sounds like an amazing experience!  Here are two shots from the project: