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Upcoming Exhibition by NESOP Documentary Instructor, Michael Hintlian

Upcoming Exhibition by Documentary Instructor, Michael Hintlian

NESOP Documentary Instructor Michael Hintlian‘s Exhibition “No Transfer: Photographs from Public Transportation” opens August 31st at The May Gallery at Webster University, St. Louis, MO.

“All the photographs in the No Transfer gallery were made from the window of a bus or train. Starting out of a frustration with working on the street in Boston – a very difficult place for a street photographer – it grew into an absorbing project. Shooting from a bus offered new challenges, how quickly I needed to work, the right seat, dirty and tinted windows. Almost immediately something different began to happen, something I had been trying to honor for a long time, the ability to respond to the first impulse before my mind starts to run the photograph. On a bus or train there are no second chances or time to consider anything more than perception and react with a camera. Henry Wessel said it well: “…(being) outside your mind, your eyes far ahead of your thoughts.” On a bus or train there are no second chances or time to consider anything more than perception and react with a camera. And I am still learning.”

– Michael Hintlian

To see more images from this gallery, please visit: http://www.hintlian.com/

Michael Hintlian has been teaching documentary photography at NESOP since 2007. A dedicated, award-winning documentary photographer, Michael’s projects have taken him across the globe. He earned his BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University and his MBA from the Johnson School of Management at Cornell University. In addition to NESOP, his teaching includes the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University. Michael has also been a lecturer and presenter in several venues throughout the U.S. including the Leica Historical Society of America in Charlotte, NC; The Photographic Resource Center in Boston; the Hoboken Historical Museum in NJ; the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston; WGBH, Tufts University in Medford, MA; and the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA. Michael’s work has been widely published in periodicals including The Christian Science Monitor, Architectural Design and Boston Magazine. His work has been exhibited all over the world. His book, Digging: The Workers of Boston’s Big Dig, has been a success in the documentary world. It remains a revealing source of local history and a celebratory tribute to the men and women working America’s most ambitious infrastructure project.


Work from Uzbekistan + Kazakhstan by Yusuke Suzuki

Hello Everyone!

Check out this work from Yusuke Suzuki a NESOP Alumni Class of 2011.

He traveled to Uzbekistan + Kazakhstan during his summer break here at NESOP and now this work is on the Social Documentary website.


© Yusuke Suzuki



Open Submissions

Robb Paniconi, a second year here at NESOP, wanted to share these photos with everyone

© Robb Paniconi

© Robb Paniconi

If you’d like to see more of his work visit his website + blog


Creating Digital Presentations

Term 1 final projects, created in Final Cut, integrate still photographs with audio, text and video.  This is Term 1, so it’s just the start of what our students are doing with multimedia.  Here are a few staff picks to check out:

Stephanie Larsen

Eileen Clynes – http://youtu.be/DTIS-iZm1cU

Libby Gowen – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbL6wbpa3LE

Be on the lookout for more to come!

Congrats Ryan McBride on SPD 1st Place Prize!

(Guatemala, CA)- At this dump outside of Antigua, this is a way of survival for families to scrap recyclable items to survive. This is their daily living situation.

Our congratulations go out to Ryan McBride, NESOP 2nd Year student, who was awarded 1st Prize in Documentary/Reportage for SPD Self-Portrait Student Photography Competition!

As a part of Ryan’s 1st place prize, he will  have the unique opportunity to intern in the studio of award winning documentary photographer James Nachtwey.  He has also been awarded Adobe CS5 and a selection of photography books from SPD’s sponsor relationships with Abrams, Aperture,  D.A.P., and Powerhouse. Plus, his winning image will be published in the SPD Annual! Congrats Ryan!


Yusuke Suzuki – Second Year, Term 2 Work

Website: www.uskphoto.com

I was trying to capture what is going on here in Boston about the revolution of Egypt.

-Yusuke Suzuki

Blizzard Portraits

Scott Achs – Second Year, Term 2 Work
Fine Art: http://www.scottachs.com
Weddings: http://www.scottachsphotography.com

I am inspired by snow,the more the better. When I see snow my immediate reaction is to go out in it and take pictures. I shot this handheld on a medium format Hasselblad for myself as it is my interpretation of what I love about snow and New England. If someone looks at these and is slightly inspired to go out and enjoy what most people despise then it serves a purpose for inspiration.

Jeff Browse, Tim Davis, with a touch of Stephen Shore, a splash of Avedon, and Jose Villa are massive influences on me. So great!

– Scott Achs

Winter Wonder

Ryan McBride – Second Year, Term 1 Work
Blog: http://www.mcbridephotography.wordpress.com

The area of professional photography I would like to pursue is documentary photography. It’s been in my heart and has been a passion of mine ever since I picked up my first camera.

My motivation for this project was to answer the push for documentarian’s and photojournalist’s to use multimedia as a medium. I decided to make a small orchestrated multimedia with audio and video based on the tough weather we’ve been experiencing in New England this winter, while honoring the rules and style of photography. In other words, I shot this video like a photographer, not a videographer. 

Visual Reportage: Retrospective 2007-2010

Gallery at the Piano Factory
791 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02118

October 8th – October 31st
Opening Reception with the photographers: Thursday, October 14th at 7PM

Website:  http://www.visualreportage.com

Visual Reportage workshops are coordinated by full-time New England School of Photography instructors Michael Hintlian, Documentary, and Glen Cooper, Visual Journalism.

“Beginning in 2007 our workshop mission grew from a belief that the best of our work is an instrument for change, that images have the power to give voice to the voiceless and more. Since our first workshop, widely diverse groups of accomplished photographers have traveled to Guatemala and India where they have worked stories and grew as photographers and as people.

We are excited to present this exhibit from 20 photographers who are committed to making a difference through their work.”

Join us in celebrating and exploring the work of over 20 photographers from around the world including the following NESOP graduates:

Eric Dietrich
Steph Plourde-Simard
Mardya Millay
Ray Conway
Chris Gagne
Alainna Chiklis
Dan Brummert
Tayler Aubin
Kitty Ethridge
Leona Merk

And NESOP Workshop students:

Alex Witkowicz
Michaela O’Brien
Eve Lyman
Louis Kaperlis
Melissa Ostrow

National Flag

Yusuke Suzuki – First Year, Term 2 Work

Website: http://www.uskphoto.com

Photo by Yusuke Suzuki
I was trying to capture the American flag and the people around it because I struggle to understand the symbolism that is attached to national flags.

Photo by Yusuke Suzuki

Although Japanese people have special feelings to their flag as well, Americans seem to have even stronger feelings toward their flag. My interpretation is that the American flag seems to represent their spirit and vibrant patriotism.

Photo by Yusuke Suzuki

– Yusuke Suzuki