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Alumni Profile: David Butler

David Butler graduated from the NESOP Professional Photography Program in 2008 and has spent the last 3 years based in Phoenix, AZ working as the Brand Photographer for skin care company philosophy.

In this role, David is responsible for all of their advertising images ranging from in-store display ads seen in Macy’s, Nordstrom and Sephora, to Magazine ads seen in Vogue, InStyle, People and Harper’s Bazaar, as well as any digital advertising.

“Attending NESOP was one of those critical life changing decisions for me, I am sure I am not the only graduate that feels this way.  I have been working night and day to make my dream come true since the second I enrolled at NESOP, and I have never really stopped working (luckily). There are many truly powerful forms of art, and I believe photography is up there with the most efficient mediums that communicate a message, story, emotion, and even sound and smell sometimes.   I am amazed and inspired everyday by the possibilities and potential one person and one camera contain.”


Click on image to see more of David’s work.


Macy’s – Milford, CT


NESOP Grad Jeff Glotzl in ’12 Communication Arts Advertising Annual

NESOP Grad Jeff Glotzl in '12 Communication Arts Advertising Annual

Caption: “Question Your World”

Jeff Glotzl is a digital artist / retoucher who graduated from the NESOP Professional Photography program in 1993.  His recent work for the Science Museum of Virginia will be published in the 2012 Communication Arts Advertising Annual due out in November.

You can view a step-by-step slideshow of how this image was created in the portfolio section of his website: www.glotzl.com

Compositing and retouching: Jeff Glotzl
Photographers: Beach – John Henley, Boy – Todd Wright
Agency: Siddall Inc.
Art Director: Shari Hindman
Client: Science Museum of Virginia

’04 NESOP Grad Expands Business to West Coast

Congratulations to 2004 NESOP alum, Michael Dos Santos on the recent opening of his brand new Versatile Studios branch in Los Angeles!   For more information on Michael, Versatile Studios and their recent expansion check out their blog here:


Second Year Feature Photographer: Cameron MacMartin

Cameron is gearing up for Portfolio Review and Graduation here at NESOP and is making some great images.

© Cameron MacMartin


If you want to see more work from our students, come visit us at NESOP!

There is always work displayed in our Hallway Shows and The Garner Center Gallery.

Workshops for Professionals

On February 25th NESoP offered “Burning the Road: The Art of Composite Images at Your Fingertips”, a one day Professional Workshop conducted by Bruno Debas with assistant Manolo Sandoval. The workshop was well attended and covered many advanced techniques, with a strong focus on “Hyper Real” photography. The day started with a photo shoot with two models. During the shoot Bruno demonstrated how to achieve the type of lighting often used in “Hyper Real” on one set while the other set was dedicated to “Silhouette”  lighting.  Once this part of the workshop was completed Bruno showed how to extract a model out of a studio background using Photoshop.

After lunch the group met in a classroom environment and started the process of creating composite images. Bruno started the demo using HDR through Photoshop and then using NIK HDR Efex Pro to create the backgrounds used in the exercise. The rest of the afternoon was spent doing exercises and practicing all that was learned. “This was a great workshop” said Bruno, “we covered a huge amount of information, and even though it may take a little while to assimilate some of it, I believe it was extremely beneficial”.

Here is what class looked like throughout the day

Advertising Work

Hello Everyone!

Here is some work from our second year Advertising students

© Cameron MacMartin

© Patrick Sporleder

© Jose Munoz

If you’d like to see more work from our Advertising students please visit http://nesopad.blogspot.com/

Keep up the good work!

Vintage Fashion, Romantic Feel

Jennifer Keany – Second Year, Term 3 Work

www. Jen-Rose.com

The black and white image was shot at F/2.8 @1/6400s ISO 400 & converted to B&W in post production.

I was inspired by photographs I saw by my favorite photographer, Lara Jade. Her images had a very soft, romantic, vintage feel that appealed to me for this shoot.

The diptych : Full body was shot at f/2.8 @ 1/100s ISO 640; Close up was shot at f/2.8 @ 1/40s ISO 400

Each image was shot digitally with my Nikon D700 & 24-70mm f/2.8 lens without a tripod. After which I used Photoshop for my retouching needs.

The color single image was shot at f/2.8 @ 1/800s ISO 400

My goal after graduation is specializing in Advertising and Fashion photography.

– Jennifer Keany

Art Delicious – Food Inspired Photography

Morgan Yeager—Second Year, Term 2 Work

Blog: http://morganione.blogspot.com/

Website: http://morganionephotography.com/

1. What was your motivation for this project/these images?

My motivation is always images in food magazines that make me not only want to eat the food, but appreciate the beauty of it even in its natural or less-than-perfect state.

2. Describe your technique for making these images. (film or digital, camera used, settings and ISO, tripod or none, alternative process(es), etc.)

I shot all these with my Nikon D300 dSLR. I always use an ISO of 200 or lower when shooting with Pro-foto powerpacks. I generally use a tripod and shoot directly to the computer. Finding the best lighting to accentuate texture and color is important when shooting food.

3. What is your intention behind this work/in making this work?

My intention is to create images that portray food as an art form – both in its natural state as well as after it has been manipulated and combined with other ingredients.

4. What response do you hope to get from your viewers?

I want the viewers to find the food appetizing, get inspired to cook something themselves, appreciate that which the earth supplies and connect with what it is they are eating.

5. What other artists or art serve(s) as your inspiration?

Right now, I really enjoy looking at the work of Anna Williams, Andrew Hetherington and Jonny Valiant.