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The Garner Center

Lisa Garner in Paris photograph by Ron Cowie

On April 2, 2009, NESOP officially renamed its NESOP Center for Photographic Exhibitions as The Garner Center at NESOP. Committed to showing work done in the field of photography, The Garner Center exists to promote a broader understanding, appreciation and celebration of the medium.

The Garner Center is named after Lisa Garner – a beloved member of the NESOP Community who passed away at the age of forty-four on Tuesday, March 25, 2008.  Lisa was a 1987 graduate of the NESOP Applied Photography Program and a dear friend of the school.  A long-time NESOP Gallery One manager, Lisa was the driving force behind securing a Keith Carter exhibition, which helped to put NESOP’s exhibition space on the map in Boston.

Lisa’s love of photography and her ability to communicate so eloquently through images is the embodiment of the shared passion and purpose of so many coming through NESOP.  An accomplished photographer, Lisa touched people with her images as deeply as she did with her character.  We miss Lisa’s hearty laugh and her spirit dearly, but it resonates deeply within each of us fortunate enough to have been touched by it.  It seems fitting that a NESOP space committed to showing photography – a space she helped nurture and promote – be dedicated in her name. This gesture is made with love and respect for Lisa Garner and the imprint she has left of NESOP and the world.

For general gallery inquires: ecarey@nesop.com

Exhibition Schedule | 2014-2015

Phyllis Crowley: Meditations

Run: 10/6- 11/7

Reception: 10/16, 5-7pm

Dayna Rochell: Holiday Park

Run: 11/11 – 12/19

Reception: 11/20, 5-7pm

Luis Brens

Run: 1/5 – 2/13

Reception: TBA         5-7pm

Fran Forman

Run: 2/17 – 3/20

Reception: TBA     5-7pm

Brian Christopher Sargent

Run: 3/23-4/17

Reception: TBA          5-7pm


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