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NESOP is one of the leading photographic educational institutions in the country, existing to meet the increasing demand for more qualified photographic professionals working in all areas of the photographic and imaging industries. Since 1968, we’ve been helping our students discover and refine their personal visions—and begin exciting careers in all areas of photography. We focus exclusively on photography, providing practical, technical photographic and business training while nurturing your creative development.   It is the mission of the school to produce highly skilled, creative and professional craftspeople in the art of visual communications.

Here’s what you’ll find at NESOP:

• 120 full-time students who are passionate about learning all aspects of photography

• Inspiring faculty who are also accomplished, working professional photographers

• Extensive facilities

• Industry standard equipment

• Small class sizes and a diverse student body

• The excitement of studying in vibrant, historic Boston

• An invaluable network of photographers, industry relationships and student and alumni services dedicated to giving you a head-start for the industry.

All in a nurturing environment that fosters creativity and exploration—a place that lets you turn your passion for photography into a rewarding professional career.

If you have questions about any of this data, or would like additional information, please do not hesitate to contact our school at 617-437-1868 or via e-mail at:  info@nesop.com.


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  1. Thanks to NESOP I was able to build my career on a solid photographic foundation. I graduated from the last Applied Program in 1996 not knowing what would happen. Since then I have been published in 15 newspapers 8 magazines and have photographed some very prominent people. I now own and operate a studio in the town of Uxbridge, MA. I have a wonderful partner business and life partner her name is Lyn. I joke with her that she is the brains of the operation and I am just the talent. Some of the notable people I have photographed are Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz, former Boston Red Sox outfielder Fred Lynn Boston Celtics Capt. Paul Pierce, music icons Willie.
    Nelson and Carlos Santana.
    If I had not attended NESOP I would never have had the opportunities to get published in so many newspapers and magazines or photographed so many people. All I can say is Thank you to the school and the instructors who taught me what they know. A special thanks goes out to my very special friend Bob Dickson. He believed in me and helped my hone my skills. Bob, where ever you are Thanks for being my friend. Thanks NESOP for helping me do what I love and do best.

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