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sea-coast / sea-ghost: NESOP Alum John Steck, Jr. Solo Show

sea-coast / sea-ghost: NESOP Alum John Steck, Jr. Solo Show

2006 NESOP graduate John Steck Jr. returns to Boston with a solo exhibition of new work.

On October 4th from 6-9pm, an opening reception will be held at The Hallway Gallery featuring new seascape photography and experimental photograms created in Ireland, California and everywhere in between.

“The line created where the sky meets the sea, usually represents a space that seems physical, yet is somewhere that can never really be reached. It’s a place that represents the extreme workings of nature, along with emotional contexts, from the metaphorical to the sublime. In this installation of images I contemplate the different ways to look at the vastness of such a space. These images offer different ways to think about the physicality of the horizon line, using various methods of photographic arts.” – John Steck Jr.

The Hallway Gallery
66 South Street, Jamaica Plain, MA
(617) 818-5996


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