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Workshops for Professionals

On February 25th NESoP offered “Burning the Road: The Art of Composite Images at Your Fingertips”, a one day Professional Workshop conducted by Bruno Debas with assistant Manolo Sandoval. The workshop was well attended and covered many advanced techniques, with a strong focus on “Hyper Real” photography. The day started with a photo shoot with two models. During the shoot Bruno demonstrated how to achieve the type of lighting often used in “Hyper Real” on one set while the other set was dedicated to “Silhouette”  lighting.  Once this part of the workshop was completed Bruno showed how to extract a model out of a studio background using Photoshop.

After lunch the group met in a classroom environment and started the process of creating composite images. Bruno started the demo using HDR through Photoshop and then using NIK HDR Efex Pro to create the backgrounds used in the exercise. The rest of the afternoon was spent doing exercises and practicing all that was learned. “This was a great workshop” said Bruno, “we covered a huge amount of information, and even though it may take a little while to assimilate some of it, I believe it was extremely beneficial”.

Here is what class looked like throughout the day


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