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Class of 2011 Update

Well well well.  This is a big update.  I’ve gotten news from three members of the class of 2011 that I thought I’d pass along.

First up, Tommy Chevalier is getting work picked up by the New England Post – congrats Tommy!  Check out his images HERE where he catches Russell Simmons in Boston speaking to the Occupy Boston movement.  Also take a look at his images that accompanied THIS STORY about another Boston rally about potential cutbacks in social services.

Next up, Yusuke Suzuki is featured this month as the PRC’s NEO (that stands for Photographic Resource Center’s Northeast Exposure Online)!  Check out the full curatorial statement and Yusuke’s artist statement about his compelling images Muslims in America by clicking HERE.

Finally, Scott M. Lacey was featured yesterday (Nov. 16th, 2011) on the Profoto International Blog!  Great write up about Scott’s blog and a post he wrote, and some glowing comments about his stellar photography in general.  Here’s the LINK to the Profoto post, and here’s another LINK to Scott’s blog itself.

Congrats again to all three on making it work less than a year out!


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