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People are Light

Connor Sumner – Term 3, Year 1
Website: http://connorsumner.com/
Blog: http://connorsumner.wordpress.com/
Twitter: @connorsumner

On any assignment, I have one objective: Catch your eye. As photographers we work first and foremost through sight. And from sight we can trigger in viewers and of the other senses. A successful photograph can trigger any feeling. My job, in essence, is to start a chain of reactions within you, the viewer, and to continue it once the image is out of sight.

My main focus in this body of work is to use people for more than face value. On a basic level, I am motivated to use all my tools, both technical and aesthetic, and then take it a step further. Particularly with people, I am pushing myself to craft a photograph where the model plays as intricate role as my lighting choices or my composition, etc. And as with lighting, perspective, or composition, a model has an infinite amount of potential. People are light to me, a tool I can mold to succeed.

From an early age, photography played an intricate role in my life. On elementary school trips, I always had my mother get me a camera so I could document my experience and surroundings in a way no one else could. Film photography followed me through high school and college. And after graduation, I realized I should be sharing my perspective, and eventually create a carrier out of my passion: photography.

-Connor Sumner


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