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NYC Couture

Nixxi Blanck – From Summer Break
Website: www.blanckphotography.com
Blog: www.nixxiblanckphotography.wordpress.com
Email: info@blanckphotography.com

Born in Brazil and raised in New York City, my eclectic passion for stylish everything has always been a major part of my life.  When it comes to photographing fashion I make it a point to connect the model to clothing and atmosphere.  Regardless of the scenario I make a sunny summer day feel like love and the chill summer nights relaxed.  New York City is my absolute inspiration for there is not a feeling like that of the building lights drifting far above and vast beyond sight.

This summer I assisted for a High Fashion Couture Photographer and I learned more than I could ever imagine.  Working on the set with such high caliber girls from IMG, Ford, One, Elite and Next really opened my eyes to the world of fashion that is spinning and buzzing around everywhere.

The photograph above was taken in Russia where I shot with two models from Cats Agency in St. Petersburg.  I love the freedom of shooting; it is a privilege and I treat it that way.  I have absolutely no expectations when people view my photographs.  My only hope is that people get what they came for, regardless of what that may be.

-Nixxi Blanck


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  1. Stunning as usual Nixxi–

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