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Live Young

Dana Curran – First Year, Term 3 Work


A year ago today I was “relieved of my duties” as Communications Specialist for a leading financial investment company.  A year ago tomorrow I sent an email to a former NESOP graduate to find out if you could really make a life and a living as a photographer.  A week later I stepped into her studio and my life changed.

Photo: Dana CurranToday, one year later, I was the lead photographer for the Evian Live Young Photo Studio Event in New York City hosted by tennis player Maria Sharapova.
Photo: Dana CurranEvian brand ambassadors invited New Yorkers off the street to model in their own Babies on the Inside Ad campaign.  They were given Rollerbabies Tshirts and were encouraged to show their ‘live young spirit.’   Within minutes their photos popped up on a supersized digital collage on site and on Evian’s facebook page, instantly becoming part of Evian’s Global Live Young Community.

Photo: Dana CurranThe focus of this campaign promotes Evian’s Live Young Month encouraging New Yorkers to seek memorable experiences, try new things, and seize every moment.  How ironic. If you asked me a year ago to picture what I would be doing today it would look NOTHING like this.  I didn’t even own a decent camera.

I feel incredibly lucky.  Every day for the last year I have devoted myself to seek memorable experiences, try new things, and live young every moment.


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  1. This campaign was all over france this summer too. That’s amazing that you got this opportunity.

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