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Honor Roll 6: Matthew Murphy

Last in our look at this year’s portfolio honors is Matthew Murphy (but certainly not least with the last name Murphy.)  Matt majored in Black & White fine art and minored in Color.  He’s chosen to show work here from his Black & White series called “Meditations.”

Matthew James Murphy

Matt explains:  “Meditations is a series of self-portraits shot in the studio with a large format camera. They are equal parts photography and performance art as they are all single exposures with shutter speeds ranging from thirty seconds to two minutes. All images seen here are scans of selenium toned silver gelatin prints.”

Matthew James Murphy

Matthew James Murphy

Matt is also a poet and has written a poem that accompanies the work:

Wisps of smoke, so our skin will fade
From paper and pages, the wars we have waged
Ages of time, mere minutes of man
In the end we’ll hope we’ve done all we can
Flesh to sand, fall silent our hand
Relinquish this body, ecstasy given command
Owners of land, drive we demand
Possessed by things, essence reprimands
External wounds and internal scars
We have kept each other caged and barred
Marred by our intentions and promise of life
Fallen by the wayside to greed and strife
Body framing soul
A reference to time and the stories we’ve told
Willful manifestations, visual representations
Belonging for all time, our existential questions

To see more of Matt’s photography as well as poetry.  You can find him at mjamesmurphy.com and on his blog documentations of light (mjamesmurphy.blogspot.com).


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