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The Honor Roll Part 1: Chandra Guthro

Every year the faculty at the New England School of Photography awards “Portfolio Honors” to a handful of the top portfolios in the annual review of the graduating class.  This year we’ll be featuring those honorees on our blog as a way to welcome the class of 2010 to the NESOP alumni family.

First up:  Chandra Guthro.  Chandra majored in Fine Art Black and White and minored in Portraiture.  Her Major body of work featured a series created in large format called “Abstractions”.

Chandra Guthro

As Chandra herself explains on her website:  “(I’m) completely guilty of falling in love with large format, black & white film. I’m always in awe of what we can produce simply by allowing light through a lens.”

Chandra Guthro

Chandra spent her time in Portraiture focusing on old-school Hollywood glamor with stunning results.  She had many of us here at NESOP wanting to line up for our own “Mad-Men” style shoot, so it seems that maybe her timing for this style is right-on.

Chandra Guthro

For more of Chandra’s work or to book your own glamor shoot, you can find Chandra at ChandraMariePhotography.com.


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