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Childish Expression

Jenn Cimino – Second Year, Term 3 Work
Blog: www.jenncimino.blogspot.com

My intentions, when I set out to photograph, is to capture candid moments in people’s lives.  I work a lot with children and they are challenging, but once they warm up to me, I am able to have fun and just freeze expressions and slices of time that are not your typical portraiture.  I try not to be too intrusive and have a photojournalistic approach which allows me to take a step back and wait for the right time for me to snap away!

I have always loved taking pictures. After business school, I decided I wanted to pursue my passion of photographing people and events.  I love working with people, especially children. The challenge of capturing candid expressions and moments is rewarding and fun.

I get to be a part of people’s lives and love being able to capture special moments that they can remember and cherish forever. I can’t wait to start this journey of pursuing my passion in the area of portraiture and wedding photography and I am excited to see what the future holds.

– Jenn Cimino


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