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Triiibe: CRIME NIGHT reception

©TRIIIBE,courtesy of the artists and Gallery Kayafas

As our first post on other photography galleries, I had the pleasure of attending Triiibe‘s photography exhibit “Triiibe” at Gallery Kayafas in Boston. The last time I caught Triiibe was at their performance in the “World as a Stage” exhibit at the Institute of Contemporary Art of Boston in April 2008.

Triiibe showed up unannouced at the ICA. They stood on platforms in the galleries, using real museumgoers to mimic little vignettes with labels attached saying, “Best Friends,” “I like 2 txt,” etc. In case you missed it, here is the link to their ICA performance.

©TRIIIBE,courtesy of the artists and Gallery Kayafas.

It seems that Triiibe has been popping up in various parts of Boston. The groups solo photography show at Gallery Kayafas exemplifies their creativity, wit and humor in a discussion about identity and social roles. In each of the photographs, the viewer is confronted with questions such as, “What makes us feminine?” and “Where do we draw the line when we consider masculine?”

On Friday April 30,2010, I was eager to see their solo show at Gallery Kayafas and attend their “CRIME NIGHT” reception. Similar to their ICA performance, Triiibe encouraged guests to dress up in wild costumes and be photographed against the police line back drop. Here are some of the photos from the “CRIME NIGHT” reception.

©TRIIIBE,courtesy of the artists and Gallery Kayafas.

©TRIIIBE,courtesy of the artists and Gallery Kayafas.

In case you’re around for the May 7th’s First Friday in SoWa, go to Triiibe’s “MULTIPLES NIGHT – LOOK-A-LIKE & LIKE-A-LOOKING” at Gallery Kayafas!


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