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Art Delicious – Food Inspired Photography

Morgan Yeager—Second Year, Term 2 Work

Blog: http://morganione.blogspot.com/

Website: http://morganionephotography.com/

1. What was your motivation for this project/these images?

My motivation is always images in food magazines that make me not only want to eat the food, but appreciate the beauty of it even in its natural or less-than-perfect state.

2. Describe your technique for making these images. (film or digital, camera used, settings and ISO, tripod or none, alternative process(es), etc.)

I shot all these with my Nikon D300 dSLR. I always use an ISO of 200 or lower when shooting with Pro-foto powerpacks. I generally use a tripod and shoot directly to the computer. Finding the best lighting to accentuate texture and color is important when shooting food.

3. What is your intention behind this work/in making this work?

My intention is to create images that portray food as an art form – both in its natural state as well as after it has been manipulated and combined with other ingredients.

4. What response do you hope to get from your viewers?

I want the viewers to find the food appetizing, get inspired to cook something themselves, appreciate that which the earth supplies and connect with what it is they are eating.

5. What other artists or art serve(s) as your inspiration?

Right now, I really enjoy looking at the work of Anna Williams, Andrew Hetherington and Jonny Valiant.


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