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Exploring Characters & Their Spaces

Dominic Casserly–First Year, Term 2 Work

Blog: http://photothon.blogspot.com/

Website: http://www.Domathon.com/

1. What was your motivation for this project/these images?

These images are all photo-sets I shot for assignment for Digital Capture Class. I love shooting portraits as well as spaces; I think the details that are involved in a portrait are just as important as the people in the photo.

2. Describe your technique for making these images. (film or digital, camera used, settings and ISO, tripod or none, alternative process(es), etc.)

I shoot only digital. I’d rather not spend the time or money making single prints at a time in a wet dark room. With digital, I can shoot and go through all of my workflow from the backseat of a car or in my tent. I’ve been able to shoot images, edit and get them uploaded to the Web all in the same day, while out in the field. I love that! As far as technique goes, I use anything I can to get the shot—a tripod, a low ISO, flash… And, you always have to connect with the model.

3. What is your intention behind this work/in making this work?

My intention for my portraits is to get people interested not only in the subject, but also in the world he/she inhabits. That’s why I use multiple images in the same photo. It allows me to more effectively tell a story—to offer a more complete understanding of the life of the subject than a single image could.

4. What response do you hope to get from your viewers?

I hope viewers see my work and want to know who these people are or perhaps share in their lifestyle(s).

5. What other artists or art serve(s) as your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from magazines, movies, catalogues and other photographers. If I had to pick just one, I would say I would like to shoot what Embry Rucker shoots.


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