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Keith Johnson: The Extended Landscape

Keith Johnson
The  Extended  Landscape
August 24th, 2009 – October 2nd, 2009

Keith Johnson, CMY

” The camera documents better than any device the detail and surface of objects, places, and ideas, but sometimes the involvement with an idea goes on to look at multiple facets; consider what cubist painters accomplished early in the 20th century.  Sometimes extended viewing of a visual idea would reveal not only the idea but additionally time, light, color, and comparison would change during the extended time spent looking.  This is what has become compelling to me.  Typology, topology and recording have become the reason that I might stop to make a picture.”
Artist Information: Keith Johnson received his MFA from RISD studying with Harry Callahan and Aaron Siskind following a year at Visual Studies Workshop with Nathan Lyons. Recent solo shows include CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, NY; FotoFest, Houston, TX; George Eastman House, Rochester, NY; and Panopticon, Boston, Nelson Hancock Gallery, Brooklyn, NY and Wall Space Gallery in Seattle. Collections include RISD, George Eastman House, and Center for Creative Photography; he is a recipient of a Connecticut Commission on the Arts Fellowship, Residencies at Light Work and Visual Studies Workshop and  CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, NY.

website: http://www.keithjohnsonphotographs.com/


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